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Never Spend Hours Cleaning Again

Welcome to Clean Mama! I’m so glad you’re here. Are you ready for a new way of cleaning? Sick of coming home and feeling overwhelmed by all you need to accomplish? Let’s change that! Cleaning can be fun and easy – I’m going to show you how.

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Just Minutes A Day

Just Minutes A Day

What if I told you that you could spend just minutes a day on cleaning and you’d have a clean home all week long?

No More Overwhelm

No More Overwhelm

If you don’t know where to start, I’m here to show you a NEW way of doing those mundane tasks around the home.

Start Right Now

Start Right Now

Your house doesn’t have to be clean from top to bottom to start a cleaning routine. Start with whatever tasks falls on today.

No Frills Needed

No Frills Needed

You don’t need to get stuck in the details, just start with what you have and you’ll see progress within the first week.

There are 4 components to the Clean Mama routine...

The 5 Daily Tasks

These five tasks are essential to the Clean Mama Routine and the secret to getting started with your clean home; make the beds, check the floors, wipe the counters, tackle clutter, and do a load of laundry.

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The Weekly Tasks

These tasks should only take 10-15 minutes once you get in the swing of the routine. On Monday we clean the bathrooms, Tuesday we dust, Wednesday we vacuum, Thursday we wash the floors, Friday we do anything we didn’t get to and on Saturday we tackle sheets + towels.

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The Rotating Tasks

After you’ve successfully implemented the daily + weekly tasks, it’s time to learn the rotating tasks! We incorporate these deep cleaning tasks into our Catch-All Day on Fridays or with a day of the week that it makes sense with.

Learn the rotating tasks

The Monthly Focus

After you feel good about incorporating the rest of the Clean Mama routine into your schedule and life, it’s time to learn about the Monthly Focus. There is one focus per month where you’ll be working through your entire home – organizing each space as you can during the month.

Learn more about the monthly focus

Hundreds of thousands have found success using the Clean Mama routine…

“The Clean Mama routine and Homekeeping Society have changed my life! For most of my adult life I have struggled with clutter and keeping a clean home. I would spend hours and just not seem to make any lasting progress. I really felt hopeless about having a clean home. Then I discovered Becky and her cleaning routine and saw my house improve immediately just by doing the 5 daily tasks. This is what I have been searching for for years!”

Elizabeth T.

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Homekeeping Society

Homekeeping Society is a monthly subscription designed to help you get your home and life in order.

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Homekeeping Planner

A simple, undated planner for keeping track of cleaning, organizing, and everyday tasks.

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What’s the difference between the Homekeeping Planner and Homekeeping Society?

Homekeeping Society® and the Homekeeping Planner® are tools that Clean Mama has created to make implement the Clean Mama Routine in a simple and cute way. They are designed to be used separately, but they work together too!