September 22, 2017

Start or Stay Motivated with a New Habit – Free Printable Habit Tracker

Have you started a new habit or tried to start a new habit only to be derailed by life? I know I have! Sometimes when we start a new habit and miss a day or two, we feel like we’ve failed the whole habit.

But here’s the thing. Any new habit takes weeks and sometimes months to really sink in and become automatic. Want to drink more water or exercise more? You aren’t going to wake up on Day 1 and complete this new habit perfectly every single day for 3 weeks.

Things happen, you don’t feel like exercising, cleaning, eating another vegetable, drinking another glass of water….

So what’s the solution? Figure out what works for you. I think it’s really helpful to see habits develop over time with a visual reminder. Instead of just saying you’re going to start a new habit, write it down and keep track of every single time you DO complete your new habit. That way instead of feeling defeated you can see a visual reminder of how many times you HAVE COMPLETED the habit and watch it develop over time. Guess what? Good things, good habits take time, energy, and consistency. I created this simple habit tracker as a visual way of seeing my habits develop over time. It’s set up for 4 months in a row so you can really see that progress that happens over time.

Have a habit you want to work on? Grab the free printable HABIT TRACKER on the free printables page and get started!


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