I’ve simplified menu planning for the summer and thought I’d share my “plan” with you. It’s simple, flexible, light and summery. Perfect for keeping it cool and easy breezy. I listed a bunch of ideas under each day/theme and I’ll just pick recipes that sound good as I plan for the week and add to the list when I think of or find a yummy recipe to try. Can’t get much easier than that, right?
I’m using a theme for each day of the week – and will just loosely use the schedule through the week. If we end up going out to eat or eating at someone’s house, no biggie. The best timesaver is that I plan for using leftovers – salads and sandwiches are great for using up leftovers, and just having two nights of the week designated as leftovers nights work the best for me. Leftover nights can be used as canning times and freezing large portions of summer produce.
Need some ideas? Here’s a link to Cooking Light’s Ultimate Summer Cookbook – it’s full of great recipes for light summer cooking. What about you? Do you menu plan?