If you have a kitchen and a kitchen sink, you most likely have a cupboard under the sink. That cupboard can become a mess of kitchen items, tools, cleaning supplies and other miscellaneous items. I have found that keeping this area tidy and with a specific purpose is time saving and convenient. If you’ve ever had a leak under the kitchen sink you know that having a lot of stuff stored under this space is not a good idea.

I feel like I’m always tweaking this space to make it more efficient and to maximize its usability. Want to take a peek?

  1. hook for drying bar mop towels – I let bar mop towels dry on the hook and once they’re dry I put them in the basket.
  2. cleaning brushes – I put cleaning brushes in an upcycled vase – it’s a great way to keep these utility brushes handy but not out in the open. My favorites are these small appliance brushes and this garbage disposal cleaning brush.
  3. basket for dirty bar mop towels – I use bar mop towels to wipe down counters and collect them in a basket until I have a basket full and then I put them in the wash.
  4. vases – this is a great place to store extra vases that aren’t used regularly.
  5. Hydrogen Peroxide with sprayer – I put a sprayer on a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide and use it to disinfect cutting boards, knives, and the kitchen sink. Just spray, let it sit and wash with hot water and soap.
  6. rubbing alcohol – I keep a bottle of rubbing alcohol under the kitchen sink to make it easy to make my DIY Stone Spray – it’s water, rubbing alcohol, and dish soap.
  7. Nightly Sink Scrub – There’s always a mason jar with Nightly Sink Scrub under the sink. If you haven’t tried this ritual, go here to check it out.
  8. all-purpose soap – I keep castile soap under the sink for cleaning.
  9. veggie wash – I love this veggie wash for fruit and veggies. I keep it under the sink for easy access.
  10. veggie scrub brushes – I have a little ceramic dish that I keep scrub brushes in. This keeps them all in one place and away from the other items on the lazy Susan.

Want to take a closer look?

Here you can see the cleaning brushes, vases, the hook and basket for dirty bar mop towels. It’s simple and not fancy, but it works for this space.

On this side you can see the lazy Susan with the DIY cleaning products and other items. I keep a vintage jar of dishwasher pods under here too.

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Ready to clean out under your kitchen sink? What is your must-have under the kitchen sink item?