Have you ever done something that you thought was the best idea ever, and then have to change it because it just wasn’t?
Case in point…..I have always enjoyed allowing my kids to have full access to a large selection of their art supplies at any time, accessible to them on the lower two shelves of the pantry. This has seemed like a great idea to me (I am an art teacher, after all), but as they’ve gotten older, the art supplies have taken over and they eat more, so I am constantly fighting the crayons/cereals/crackers/canned goods battle. So my project for this week? Take it back. That’s right, I am reclaiming my pantry – the whole thing – and reassigning their art supplies to the office and craft room.
Do you have any great ideas that aren’t so great anymore? Want to take it back this week with me? I’d love for you to share your best taking it back story in the comments section or is there a project you need to work on this week too? I’ll be sharing the results later in the week.