Clean floors and the best mops to get them clean? Here are my four favorites that work on different types of floors, are all multi-purpose, and at available at different price points.  Choose one, two, or all four – you can’t go wrong with these mops!

I’ve tried and tested so many mops over the years but these four are the ones that are in my cleaning closet and the ones that I use on a weekly basis. If you are looking for a new mop, I’d choose between the first 3 and then if you want a deep cleaning steam cleaner that can also steam clean floors, add the Dupray to your ‘collection’.

Best Mop for Quick Touch Ups – The E-Cloth Microfiber Mop is easy to use and great for quick touch ups after dinner, small spaces, or great if you want a mop that’s small and easy to store.

Best Mop for Deep Cleaning FloorsThe Bosheng Mop & Bucket is my favorite mopping system. I love this for any floor – it’s easy to use and does a great job on tile and hardwood.

Best Mop for Floors & Other SurfacesI love this mop & bucket system for floors but I especially love using it for washing baseboards, steps, and even hard to reach outdoor surfaces.

Best Steam Cleaner & MopI’ve shared this steam cleaner for years – it works so well all over the house from steam cleaning furniture, bathroom surfaces, and tile floors. It’s one of my favorite cleaning tools!

Here are a couple favorite DIY floor cleaning recipes:

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