Have you ever looked at your monthly calendar and thought I really need more room to plan. Let’s face it: with everything you have packed on your calendar, that little day box just isn’t enough space! 

I needed space to organize schedules for everyone in my family—and looking at a month at a time feels unmanageable. This wall calendar changes that! 

The Weekly Wall Calendar includes 26 undated pages – want to get a full year of weekly pages?  If you add TWO Weekly Wall Calendars to your cart, you automatically get $10 off!  This is a great way to buy an entire year of Wall Calendars at a great difference. 

Let me show you around the layout:

  • A full row for each day. Each page has a full row for the days of the week so you can organize for each family member.
  • Ample space per family member. Plan the week by listing out each family member in their own column. Add school or work specifics, activities, appointments, and more!
  • Organize Homekeeping. The last column is reserved for Homekeeping! So you can seamlessly add your daily task to your calendar and even meal planning!
  • Account for weekly tasks. Grocery shopping, send important documents to school, budgeting, etc. can all find a spot in the weekly to-dos!
  • Extra Space for Notes! A full section for weekly notes like important dates this week or notes to remember!

Grab the Weekly Wall Calendar here.

I know the right tools can end the overwhelm, which is why I’m excited to get these new products into your hands. The Weekly Wall Calendar is part of the Fall Collection – you can find more details about everything included here – don’t miss the introductory pricing this week!