It’s my favorite cleaning season – spring cleaning! You might not want to do a whole home spring clean, but chances are you could benefit from a couple spring cleaning tasks. Over the years I’ve shared how-tos on just about every single spring cleaning task you can think of. Scroll down and see what task you need help figuring out, head to the link and start cleaning. You’ll find that the tasks are grouped by the whole home and by areas of the home to make it really easy. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be an intensive month-long commitment to cleaning your home from top to bottom. You can choose to do a small task every day or take a weekend to get your home cleaned.

Gather your supplies! I find that gathering up supplies and putting them together in a tote or caddy is essential to keeping spring cleaning simple. I keep the supplies at the ready for as long as I need them. Spending a couple minutes a day over the course of a week or month ensures that all the spring cleaning gets accomplished.

  • cleaning caddy – to tote and carry your tools and supplies
  • spray bottles – make your cleaners for spring cleaning – chances are you’ll want to DIY all your cleaners after seeing how well they work!
  • microfiber cleaning cloths – they make cleaning so much easier – no lint, no streaks, just the best clean
  • bar mops towels and/or flour sack towels – great for cleaning tasks that you don’t want to use microfiber for – I use them in the kitchen, washing windows and trim, and for washing baseboards and doors.
  • wand duster – if you don’t have one, you’ll find that they make dusting so much easier and quicker
  • vacuum cleaner with attachments – look for one with a hepa filter
  • mop – you’ll need something to wash your floors
  • carpet cleaner – I love having one one hand for rooms at a time and for spring cleaning. You can also hire this job out and make things even easier on yourself
  • blind cleaner – if you have blinds, this makes cleaning them a snap
  • scrub brushes – large and small (or an old toothbrush) – be ready to clean the dirt and grime
  • window squeegee – if you want to clean your own windows, a squeegee is your ticket to a quick and easy job
  • lint roller – for cleaning light fixtures, furniture, and anywhere you see dust and lint that might need a gentler touch
  • garbage bags – for decluttering while you’re spring cleaning

Check out Clean Mama Home for your spring cleaning supplies!


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