Last January I shared a new ritual that I was starting: the One Bag Quick Declutter. Have you been doing it with me? Every month I put it in my planner as a monthly task (you can also find a spot for it in the Homekeeping Planners) and it simply reminds me to do a quick declutter and look for at least one bag of stuff to get rid of in my quest to simplify our home.  Want to try it or join me? I’ve been sharing my process on Instagram on the 11th of each month. Follow along here – I’m @cleanmama.

Habits are built slowly and over time. If you find yourself gaining traction and getting derailed easily, you need to put some guardrails in place. As our schedules change, I’ve found that this is something that will help me out and I think it might help you too!

If you’re doing the full Clean Mama Routine you can also coordinate this with the Monthly Focus and concentrate your decluttering in that area of your home. January = Whole House Declutter, February = Kitchen, etc.

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Everyone needs a fresh start from time to time. If you’ve been doing the Clean Mama Routine for years or a few weeks, you know that there are specific tasks we do throughout the year (Daily Tasks, Weekly Tasks, Rotating Tasks, Monthly Focus). These tasks keep our homes clean most of the time! We also know that real life brings messes and clutter. The Whole Home Reset Course is the system that I use when I need to do a reset in the house. I’m so excited to share this method with you!