July 28, 2014

The Only Thing You Need to Do to Organize Toys

The Only Thing You Need to Do to Organize Toys via Clean Mama

This week’s organizing task is toys. (August’s FREE cleaning and organizing calendar is here!)  If you don’t have toys to organize, simply choose another area in your home to organize this week. I chose toy organization again (it was on the schedule for April, too) for this week because it’s almost (or is) back to school time and toys are probably needing a little more organization in your home. Or maybe it’s just my kids and their toys…. Today I have just one idea to help you and your kids organize your toys and keep them that way. Ready for the revolutionary tip?

CONTAIN the toys. It sounds so simple and you probably are already doing this, but keeping the toys organized and giving them a ‘home’ is key. How does this work? Group like toys together and use what you have or purchase boxes, bins, baskets – whatever works for your space. Just because you have a basket or bin doesn’t mean that you need to fill it – be intentional and only keep toys that are loved and used. If your kiddos aren’t using that basket of Duplos anymore beacause they’ve moved on to Legos, there is no need to keep the Duplos.

My favorite toy organizing container are open baskets. My kids can see what’s inside when they peek into the basket but to anyone else it just looks like a basket. If your space can hold three baskets, don’t buy 5 baskets because you have 5 types of toys – figure out how you can get the toys down to 3 baksets instead. We don’t use open baskets for everything, art supplies and such go in covered plastic bins and accessible containers and toys that are in bedrooms are typically in covered boxes so they can be put away in closets and stacked when they aren’t in use. Take a couple minutes to think through your toy storage before you start organizing. Determine what is working and what isn’t and devise a plan before you move on to putting toys away.

So here’s what you need to do – gather any baskets, bins, or containers that are being used for toys or could be used for toys. If you need to purchase anything new, take care of that this week. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes and get your kiddos to help sort and purge toys – be ruthless and get rid of broken toys and find new homes for toys that are outgrown. Take what’s left and put them in baskets, bins and containers. Label if needed and put the containers in easy to access spots in your home. Making sure that your kids are part of the process will help them to take ownership of any new storage systems. The only thing you need to do is simple as a concept but not always simple to implement. Taking a little time to contain the toys will make playtime more enjoyable and it will make clean up time a bit easier too!

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