Let’s talk about the power of a BEFORE and AFTER. I think we can all agree that seeing a dramatic before and after can be inspiring and motivating. When it happens to be our own before and afters, it’s that much more satisfying because we know what went into that transformation.

A small win, even if it’s a decluttered pencil cup or a cleaned out purse can feel like a huge accomplishment when we’re feeling overwhelmed and like it’s hard to get anything completed from start to finish.

Here’s an example for you – my side of the master closet has become a bit of a dumping ground this summer and I haven’t taken the time to really clean up this space.



This past week I decided to up-end the space, clear it out, take everything off the shelves, give them a good cleaning and put back what I wanted to keep and put the other items where they belonged. I found a pair of scissors I’ve been looking for for months – yes, this space has been overlooked. Once I got started, I just kept going and of course, it didn’t take me nearly as long as I thought it would. I used the worksheet from Clean Mama’s 5 Day Home Refresh, took a couple before pictures of the space to motivate me, and got started using the steps from the 5 Day Home Refresh.

What was the key? Just getting started!  Once I made my plan and got started I was well on my way to getting this space in order. I was even able to complete the 3 ‘save for later tasks’. I needed a plan and I needed to finally carve out a little time to just do the thing that I’ve been putting off for weeks. In actuality it only took about 30 minutes. Oops – I definitely should have done this sooner!

As I was going I took a picture mid-way to see what else needed to be taken care of. It’s crazy to see what you miss when you just take a picture and look at it that way!

I took care of the little details I missed until I looked at the picture, vacuumed, and finished up the space. In case you’re curious, the small vintage basket in the corner is for items to donate.

If this process sounds like one you can handle – I know you can! – you’ll love the 5 Day Home Refresh. It starts next week on Monday, September 13th and goes through Friday, September 17th. We’re going to tackle 5 Clutter Spots in our homes together.

We’ll start by walking through our home and writing down all of our Clutter Spots, then we’ll choose our top 5. Every day of the week next week we’ll work on one of these areas, sharing our before and afters and motivating each other in the private Facebook group.

I created a simple system to help us get started and get past the mess to find calm and order. Want to join me? 

I know that those little results lead to bigger results, habits, and a new sense of calm in our homes. When so much feels out of our control, I am so excited to share Clean Mama’s 5 Day Home Refresh with you to help you get BIG Results quickly and with ease.

Clean Mama’s 5 Day Home Refresh is priced at only $19 – that includes a 17 page pdf AND the event with Facebook Lives and a support group.

Think about how you want your home to FEEL – calm, cozy, and tidy? Warm and inviting? No more piles and a system that really works for keeping the clutter away for good?  Let’s take care of the piles and put some order to the chaos before the next season. Let’s clear some clutter together!