The Secret to a Clean Home - Clean Mama

What’s my SECRET to a clean home (most of the time)? Your first thought might be a cleaning service, being a clean ‘freak’, or not having anything else to do. A cleaning service and enjoying cleaning are super helpful, but there’s one little thing you can do to keep your home clean most of the time and it’s pretty simple.

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Want to know the secret?

Build in a flexible day that accounts for life’s mishaps, messes, and mayhem. You know it’s going to happen. Someone will get sick, you’ll be needed somewhere else, you won’t feel like cleaning bathrooms or vacuuming. Inevitable as it may be, I believe it’s absolutely necessary to give yourself grace and PLAN for that to do list to have more on it than you can accomplish.

Enter the beloved Friday – also known as CATCH-ALL DAY to those of you that follow my oh-so-simple cleaning routine.

It’s a day to catch up on ANYTHING not completed during the week. If I didn’t get to bathrooms, I clean them. If there’s a mountain of laundry, I tackle that. In a perfect week when I don’t need to do any catching up, I complete other tasks like menu planning for the coming week, a little grocery shopping, and bill paying.

Curious about my cleaning routine? You can check out the 4 things I do every day here and my weekly cleaning routine here. My routine is simple, easy to follow and implement, and best of all, accounts for life to happen! Best of all? If I didn’t get caught up on Friday, the task comes around the next week and I can complete it.

My shop is all stocked for 2016 – come see what’s new – look for my menu planning and bill paying kits – they’re my Friday workhorses!


And if you feel like you need a little extra help and guidance, you’ll LOVE Homekeeping Society – the perfect monthly intervention for your home. It’s designed to take the work out of a homekeeping routine!