With a title like – how to keep your home clean – you might expect the secret to be a weekly cleaning crew, throwing all of your belongings away, or some other extreme measure.  I’m here to tell you that with just minutes a day and a little effort your home can be clean most of the time. What’s the secret?

a cleaning routine

What else is a cleaning routine?  Life-changing.  Not in the new baby or new job kind of way, but in a, wow, that makes a big difference in our home and life kind of way.  Before you click away and say that a cleaning routine is only for someone with time on their hands or someone that enjoys cleaning, keep reading.  A cleaning routine is the most helpful for someone busy and overwhelmed.  Why?  Because if you don’t know where to start, my simple cleaning routine provides a simple structure for keeping your home clean.  You can start on any day of the week and with as little as 10 minutes a day.

What’s the best part of Clean Mama’s Cleaning Routine?  The plan is laid out for you – no need to try to decide what needs to be clean and when it needs to be cleaned, just follow the routine and you’ll start seeing results.  It’s that simple.

Ready to take control of your home?  If you’re wondering if it will work with your busy schedule, it will – keep reading for answers to all your questions including tips and links galore.  I do share the weekly cleaning tasks on Instagram @cleanmama too – follow along and when you’re mindlessly scrolling you’ll see that friendly reminder and go clean something 🙂  I’ve been sharing my cleaning routine with the internet since 2009 – love that it can be used in such a fun way.


A clean home (most of the time) starts with 5 daily cleaning tasks (click on that link to head to a post with more information) – these are things you learn to do that you set on autopilot and start completing without really thinking about it.  If you haven’t ever tried a cleaning routine, start with these tasks first.  Start with making the beds one day, then add check floors the next, and so on.  Perfection is never the expectation. Do what you can and move on.  Done reading because you work outside the home and think it isn’t possible?  Head to this post to see when and how I came up with my routine and then come on back 🙂  Concerned that cleaning the kitchen isn’t on the daily routine?  It’s completed every single day.  Here’s a post showing how I do a nightly kitchen quick clean.  Curious how I set my kitchen sink up?  This post shows my complete kitchen sink set-up.

make beds
check floors
wipe counters

Trust me, it can happen. My mantra is every day a little something and with that in mind, just doing SOMETHING every day is so helpful.

Prefer to watch this on video – go to the video on YouTube here.


The next step to my cleaning routine is adding the weekly cleaning tasks. Every day of the week has a task.  Add that task to the daily cleaning tasks and you have a little bit of magic.  Cue the Cinderella scene with the birds and singing.


These tasks are the backbone of my cleaning routine. It’s a system that you need to work through to see how and why it works. Thousands of people all over the world complete Clean Mama’s Weekly Cleaning Routine (<— that link goes into detail of the routine) every week – it’s so simple but it works in just about every situation because it has grace (and a day to catch up) built right in to the routine. If you want to see what I use to clean my house with, check out my Cleaning Faves page.  I’m going  to link a single post to each day below if you want to know more about that day.

Thursdaywash floors
Fridaycatch-all day
Saturdaysheets + towels
Sundayjust the daily tasks

Prefer to watch this on video – go to the video on YouTube here.

I have a darling Weekly Cleaning Routine sticky notepad in my shop if you want a simple way to track the daily and weekly tasks.  Prefer a planner?  I have planners too! Go here to check out all of my paper products.


These tasks are those deep cleaning tasks that need to be done but you might not get to them until you notice them or maybe you aren’t sure when or how often you should complete them.  Some are monthly while others are bi-monthly or quarterly.  I complete these with the weekly cleaning tasks.  For instance, if vacuum the baseboards is on the schedule for the month, I’ll pair that with a Wednesday while I’m vacuuming.  You’ll always find them on the free cleaning calendar for the month available on my free printables page.  These are also included in my monthly subscription to Homekeeping Society and they are in my book, Simply Clean.  You can see them below as well (this is also available as a free printable).

Prefer to watch this on video – go to the video on YouTube here.


Still with me?  If you want to incorporate a little more cleaning and organizing, each month I have a monthly focus included in my monthly subscription to Homekeeping Society and my book, Simply Clean.  Each month includes a handful of simple tasks that focus on the seasons and one room or area.  If you do these throughout the year you’ll find that your home is not only clean most of the time but it’s organized too!

January – Whole House Declutter
February – Kitchen
March – Spring Cleaning
April – Bathrooms
May – Garage or Basement
June – Bedrooms
July – Organizing Systems
August – Closets
September – Entryway or Mudroom
October – Laundry Room
November – Living Areas
December – Office / Paperwork

If you got all the way to the bottom of this post and are still not sure where to start or what to do, I have created a course just for you!  It’s called Jumpstart Your Routine and it will take you from overwhelmed to ready to start.  Go here to check it out!

If you haven’t figured it out, I’m trying to tell you that a simple cleaning routine can be life-changing.  My mission is to share what I know about cleaning a home effectively in the least amount of time.  Why?  Because we should be spending our days with our families doing things that matter instead of cleaning.  I want you to not feel overwhelmed when you walk in the door – I want you to feel calm and at ease.  With a cleaning routine you get to tell your home who’s boss.  Just minutes a day and a plan your home will be clean most of the time too and then you’ll know the secret too!  Ready to get started?  Have questions?  Ask them in the comments!