Do you feel like you are stuck in a clutter spiral? You declutter one area only to discover another area that is cluttered. You declutter that area and then the area that you decluttered first is now cluttered again. Why does this happen and what can you do to stop the spiral?

We tend to be reactive with our clutter. When things get overwhelming or busy, we let them clutter up. When we can’t stand the piles anymore we get frustrated and either look past them, keep piling, stuff the stuff somewhere else, or clean them up.

Do you set goals to declutter or start challenges but can’t complete them? Do you want to get rid of clutter but can’t find the time? Are you looking for a solution that works but haven’t found anything?

What’s the solution to finally getting ahead of the clutter or better yet, not having to deal with the overwhelm of clutter again?


This simple solution is going to be the most effective way for you to stay on top of clutter once and for all. In fact, CLUTTER is a Daily Task in the Clean Mama Routine for a reason. I know from myself and from working with thousands of families that the best way to deal with clutter is to prioritize dealing with it daily. This may sound boring, dull, monotonous, and oh-so-cliche but really, the only way to really put clutter in its place is to deal with it when it comes in. When does it come in? DAILY!

Set aside 10 minutes a day to put things away. Wondering where to start?

  • mail
  • dishes
  • dirty clothes
  • hang up towels
  • put away clean towels
  • toys
  • activities
  • clean/clear counters

Once you see how just 10 minutes a day adds up to less clutter, less stress, and less stuff, you’ll want to keep it up! The brand-new Quarterly Clutter Club just opened this week – join us for a fresh, new way to approach decluttering in just minutes a day!