There's a Printable for That! Organize Your Life With Printables

When I started making printables well over 10 years ago, they weren’t called printables, they were calendars and forms that I made to organize and simplify the systems I was using and wanted to implement in our home and my art classroom. Fast forward a few years and thanks to the internet, printables have become a popular tool used for tracking just about anything!

Streamlined Life Calendar Close - Up - Clean Mama

If you haven’t tried a printable, I urge you to try one out (my free printables page lists most of my freebies) so you can see what’s so great about them! I promise you’ll be singing the praises of the printable for years to come. I’ve listed some of my favorite printables below – just click on the link to go to the post or product. (I do have some pre-printed items too, but I love the printable!)

Why I love printables:

  • Organize your thoughts quickly and easily – need to plan a project or a menu? Put those thoughts on paper and you’re that much closer to getting those ideas accomplished.
    Everyday Menu Planning Kit - Clean Mama
  • I’m highly motivated by a checklist – quick cleaning step by step? Sign me up! If you work well with checklists too, look for printables that motivate you and keep you on task.To Do List Clean Mama
  • Get creative with your assembly – put your printables together in a binder that makes sense for you!
    How to Make a Cleaning Planner via Clean Mama
  • Instant download from the comfort of your home! Personally that’s what I think is so appealing about the printable – if you see something online you can just print that digital download out and start using it.
  • Mess up a page? Print a new one! Have you stopped using a planner simply because you stopped keeping up with it and it was frustrating to see what you hadn’t completed or accomplished? No worries with the trusty printable 🙂
  • Customization has endless possibilities for custom notebooks, planners, and binders – you can create what YOU want and need!
    How to Combine Your Planner and Homekeeping Binder to Simplify Your Life via Clean Mama
  • Different sizes for just about any project (in my shop I have full and half size pages) but you can also trim printables to make notecards, gift cards, the sky’s the limit!

My favorite way to use printables?
Close-Up Streamlined Weekly Planner via Clean Mama

  • budgeting
  • homekeeping binder – keep information in one easy to reference and use place by making a binder
  • cleaning checklists, spring cleaning
  • menu planning
  • recipe binder
  • lists – easily keep track of gifts, to dos, projects, travel plans, etc.

Here are a couple favorite posts that demonstrate how I use printables on a daily basis:

I love creating printables that make homekeeping a little bit easier and more enjoyable – check out my shop, Clean Mama Printables and my monthly subscription, Homekeeping Society!