Do you have something like this to hold your plastic bags so you can reuse them? Mine wasn’t quite this fancy, but you get the idea. My dispenser was mounted on the inside of the closet and it kept coming off the wall when I’d pull out a bag. It was annoying. After we moved this past winter,  I was repurposing some storage containers and spotted a basket (this was a magazine basket, but the magazines had a fight with my toddler and the toddler won). The plastic bag “dispenser” didn’t get a ride in the moving truck, so I needed a new place for the plastic bags. The basket was much larger than the dispenser, but it had potential. I decided to put the plastic bags in it and because it’s big, I can fit my cooler bag and other shopping bags. A perfect basket dispenser – it loves its new home in the corner of the pantry. What have you repurposed?