3 Easy Ideas for Back to School via Clean Mama

I was an art teacher for almost 10 years. I always felt a little grumpy, and yet excited, at the beginning of August knowing that my summer was nearly over (yes, I know not everyone gets a couple months off a year but I still felt grumpy). Now as a mom, I have that same feeling of excitement for what’s to come and that grumpy feeling. Instead of letting the grumpy feeling get the best of me I’m focusing on a couple tangible things that I can do to get this year off to a great start.

Today I’m sharing my 3 favorite ideas and tips for back to school….perfect for any age or grade level and family dynamic. Try one or all three – they’re guaranteed to get you moving in the right direction.

MAKE A LIST –  It’s amazing to me what a difference a list can make in the scheme of things. Just putting pen to paper and taking your ideas out of your head and on a piece of paper is huge. Nothing is forgotten, everything’s accounted for, you have a reference and starting point. It’s obvious by my site and business that list making is important to me, I encourage you to try it. One of my favorite teacher colleagues used to wear a notepad necklace – as a 22 year old, I thought that was quirky and fun, but now I get it. I don’t do the necklace but the paper and pen and awesome list? You bet. Need a whole plethora of list making goodies? Grab the Back to School Printable Bundle before it’s gone (ends 8/9/14). I love the Back-to-School Planning Kit (pictured below and included in the Back to School Printable Bundle) from Aby at Simplify 101 – full of step by step methods for a successful start to the school year – I’m working on my errands list for next week.

Simple Back to School Tips via Clean Mama

ORGANIZE SOMETHING – Do something little or something big –  spending as little as 10 minutes to sort something out can make a big difference. You’ll reap the benefits for longer than the time you invested into the project. Not sure where to start? Here are some quick back-to-school organizing project ideas:  make a homework caddy, sort through kid clothing and pack away/donate outgrown clothes (make a list of what you need), set up a back pack station, sort through shoes and pack away/donate outgrown shoes, set up a lunch making station in a cupboard or pantry (include easy to pack food items, silverware, napkins, etc.), stock the snacks for after school and sports.

Load the Caddy Up with Supplies via Clean Mama

COOK OR BAKE SOMETHING – Putting food ‘up’ is a great way to prepare for the upcoming school year. I’ve been sharing a couple ideas on Instagram (you are following me, right?)  But making food ahead is an easy way for me to prepare for the busy-ness that’s to come. I added a make ahead + freeze board on Pinterest and am frantically (not really) filling the freezer with breakfasts and dinners to feed us this fall. A couple favorites are baked ziti, prep ahead proteins, and lots of muffins, oatmeal, smoothies, and breakfast burritos.

3 Easy Ideas for Back to School - Breakfast Burritos via Clean Mama