January 28, 2016

Organic + Healthy Products Delivered (You’ll Save Money Too!)

Today I’m sharing something that isn’t necessarily directly cleaning and organizing related, but it’s most definitely meal planning related, so if you eat and want to spend less money on food, keep reading.

Thrive Market didn’t contact me, and they probably don’t know who I am. My sister is the one that gets all the credit for sharing Thrive Market with me. I was skeptical at first, but she kept telling me to check it out (you know how sisters are) so I finally took a peek and realized that it’s a great concept and and an even better company. Even if you’re a little skeptical, I urge you to read on.


For me to jump into something like this it has to be BOTH cost effective and convenient. I spent a couple minutes and searched for items that I already purchase and then did some cost comparison at stores I normally purchase the products at (Target, Fresh Market, Meijer, Amazon). Once I saw that Thrive Market was the same price on some products but lower on most products AND I knew I had a coupon code to make it even cheaper, I was sold. So I filled up my cart, added some cleaning products, did a little meal planning and pantry stocking for the month and was done in about 15 minutes! Cost effective, convenient, and a time saver – perfect!


What’s the best way to describe Thrive Market? Think Costco (membership + LOW prices) meets Whole Foods (natural and organic food) meets Amazon Prime (fast, free delivery ($49+) and you’re getting close to what Thrive Market is all about. Thrive Market has an annual membership of $59.95 – less than $5/month (try it free for 30 days), but I promise you the membership is probably going to be paid for with what you save on your first purchase. When I first started looking and signed up with just my email address, I had a 15% off coupon sent to me but as I was browsing, they gave me a 25% off coupon. Just saying, hang out a little bit and I bet you’ll get one too!

Here’s what the savings in my cart looked like:

Order - clean mama

You can shop by what your food interest is – we don’t have any dietary restrictions, but this would be so helpful for a family that does!

Categories to Choose From - Clean Mama

Whether you’re looking for gluten-free snacks, hypoallergenic cleaning products or organic baby food, there’s something for every dietary need and lifestyle on Thrive Market. Search by the qualities that mean most to you – Thrive has have over 70 values and certifications to make shopping for exactly what you want easier than ever before.

On Thrive Market you can shop 4,000 of the best-selling health and wellness products from 400 of the top brands always at 25-50% off regular retail prices. And you don’t have to purchase in bulk – everything is in regular sizes and sold individually and you still save.

So I placed my order on Sunday and it showed up on Tuesday with FREE shipping! If you want to save money on things that you already purchase and save yourself some time and energy running around, go sign up for Thrive Market – you’ll LOVE it!

Thrive Market Delivery - clean mama

You can see some of the products I purchased – all of these were CHEAPER than what I usually spend at my local grocery store.

Here are just a couple favorites that I put in my cart – check out the low prices and then I had a coupon for 25% off beyond that too! See that Lemongrass Basil Simmer Sauce? Mix that with veggies and chicken for an amazing dinner in about 15 minutes!

Thive Market Favorites

Did I tell you that Thrive Market also has cleaning and personal care products? They also have Murchison-Hume, Dr. Bronner’s soaps, Mrs. Meyer’s to name a few other favorites! And the prices on them are cheaper too!

Thrive Delivery - Clean Mama

Go here to check out Thrive Market!

I am an unsolicited affiliate of Thrive Market – I signed up because I love it and think you will too, not because they contacted me to tell you about what an awesome place to shop Thrive Market is. If you sign up as a paying member, I will receive a portion of your membership fee. You can share Thrive Market with your friends too! See you in the aisles 🙂  Read my full disclosure statement here.

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