It’s Mother’s Day Week! Today’s post has a special little gift for you – a to do list printable and a coupon code at the bottom of the post!
5 Reasons to Keep a To Do List:
  • Checking off items gives you a sense of completion and satisfaction
  • Stop wasting time trying to remember what you were going to do – be more productive!
  • No losing focus – at a glance know what comes next
  • Other family members can see what needs to be completed and contribute
  • Brain dump – keep your mind free by writing down your mental lists
 5 Ways to Keep a To Do List:
  • Notebook or notepad – tear out sheets when completed or keep in the notebook to refer back to tasks you’ve completed
  • Chalk board or white board
  • Calendar
  • Vinyl on a frame
  • Printable – here’s a free one for you!
So tell me, what’s your favorite way to keep track
of your to do’s?
Organizing makes this mama happy, if it makes you happy too, here’s a coupon for you – it’s good through Mother’s Day in my shop – Clean Mama Printables. Use the code 20MAMA for 20% off your ENTIRE order – Happy Mother’s Day!