I have found that keeping a “running” list for the household is essential in managing to-do’s and tasks at hand. This saves time and energy by keeping all of my to do’s in one place. This is nothing new, people have been keeping to-do lists for a long time, I’m merely suggesting keeping them all in one place for easy access and simplification.

What are the benefits of keeping ONE to-do list?

*all your to-do lists are in one place – no searching

*track your progress in one place

*peace of mind – organize your thoughts

*sense of accomplishment (even a simple task gets a check mark)

How to use this list:

*use the philosophy of doing the worst tasks first

*track kids projects and activities

*divide it by different people in your household’s tasks

*use it as a shopping or destination list

*separate by home and work tasks

*use it for Monday-Friday and Saturday/Sunday tasks

*laminate and use with a dry erase marker

*use it to organize thoughts/tasks for an event

Here’s how I use my sectioned to do list:
I divided it up as HOME, WORK, INSIDE PROJECTS, OUTSIDE PROJECTS, KIDS, and PHONECALLS/EMAILS. How will you divide up your to do list? You can go here and grab one!