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Just popping in to let you know that the oh-so-wonderful Everyday Cleaning Planner has been updated for 2016! If you’ve been waiting for the 2016 pages, they are in the shop separately as just the calendar and if you haven’t grabbed the Everyday Cleaning Planner yet, you can get that with September 2015-December 2016 cleaning calendar pages ready for you!

Everyday Cleaning Planner Sept2015-Dec2016 - Clean Mama

EVERYDAY CLEANING PLANNER – over 50 pages + September 2015-December 2016 calendars (pre-filled AND editable/fillable)

If you already have the Everyday Cleaning Planner or just want the cleaning calendar, I made that available too. This is very similar to what I provide free every month BUT you get the editable/fillable version as well so if you want to add your own daily and rotating tasks you can type those right in and print away.

Clean Mama's Everyday Cleaning Calendar - September 2015-December 2016 - Clean Mama

EVERYDAY CLEANING CALENDAR (no cleaning pages, JUST the calendar – pre-filled AND editable/fillable) – September 2015-December 2016

Editable-Fillable Fields - Create Your Own Cleaning Calendar - Clean Mama

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Want more details on HOW to make a cleaning planner? Check out this post!

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