A week ago I introduced you to the new Clean Mama Homekeeping Planner. Your excitement for the product is amazing – I thought that I’d share a little how-to for you as they start to arrive in your homes.

What is the Clean Mama HOMEKEEPING Planner?

A simple, undated planner for keeping track of homekeeping and the everyday. If you’re looking for a way to take the guesswork out of keeping up with all things home-related, this is a simple solution designed to make your life easier!

Who is the planner for?

Anyone that wants to put pen to paper to remember those homekeeping tasks. I love seeing what I’ve have accomplished every day and what needs to be put off to the next day. This format is motivating and relaxing because it helps you get moving on those tasks and soothes those never-ending mental checklists.
  • Maybe you’re thinking…..I’ve never kept track of homekeeping tasks – this seems like overkill. If you struggle with cleaning and homekeeping, this also might be a great motivator for your success.
  • Or …..I love keeping track of homekeeping – is this enough? Or maybe you’re a member of Homekeeping Society and wonder if this is the same thing. Homekeeping Society is much more in-depth and includes monthly focus areas and organizing tasks. You’ll need to decide what works best for you!

Can I use this with another planner?

  • Yes! I suggest using it with the *new* Clean Mama DAILY Planner – coming out in the next week or so – sign up in the sidebar so you don’t miss it! You can also use it with the Clean Mama Menu Planner OR it can be used alone. The best thing about it is that it can be used any way you want to use it. The format is simple, easy to use, and UNDATED. Perfect for honing your planning and not feeling like you are behind or missing something.
  • Or you can use this planner alone as a stand-alone planner. Keep track of other things in the planner besides homekeeping tasks – there’s room for appointments and special dates and to-dos.

Show me how to use it….

The Homekeeping Planner is intended to be flexible and used in a variety of ways. You can keep it in your cleaning caddy, on your kitchen counter, with your main planner….

Start by filing in the month and writing down any tasks that you’d like to accomplish for the month – this is your big picture planning space.

Then on the weekly spread, you can put in tasks, reminders and anything else you’d like to complete. I add my weekly tasks in as well above the daily tasks.

Use the Notes pages at the end of each month to jot down things like organizing goals, DIY cleaning recipes, or anything else HOME-related.

At the back of the planner you’ll find a Cleaning Routine Calendar page with my suggested daily, weekly, and monthly/rotating tasks. They are explained on this page for your reference. The last page is the Rotating Cleaning Checklist – use this to keep track of your tasks for the year on one page. It’s so helpful to see tasks all laid out and at a glance.


  • 108 pages
  • smooth, bright white 70# paper
  • 160# card stock front and back covers with clear protective cover and wire-o binding
  • made in the USA
  • paper size is 5.75” x 8” – size with the binding is 6” x 8″


• CLEAR Protective Cover and COVER PAGE
• TITLE PAGE – 3 lines for you to personalize your planner
• 12 – 2 PAGE BLANK CALENDARS – the perfect 2 page monthly calendar complete with a darling to do list on the right side
• 5 WEEKLY DOCKETS for each month (60 total) – Monday-Sunday with my 5 daily tasks penciled in for you each day. This page also includes a small thoughts section for a quote or verse and a tasks + to-dos check list as well
• NOTES PAGE – my favorite mini grid format
• CLEANING ROUTINE CALENDAR – my daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning routine
• ROTATING CLEANING CHECKLIST – my suggested rotating cleaning for the whole year at a glance – January-December

Want to see more? This post details the planners even more AND there’s a video at the bottom of the post too 🙂