Before I started Clean Mama, I realized that the cleaning and laundry products I was using (and loved!) weren’t safe to use and had product warnings I hadn’t noticed. My focus quickly switched to finding products that I could swap for what I was using. My main concern was killing germs – which was also my main reason for loving the products I was using. I started looking for safe and affordable products swaps and in turn started sharing my findings with you here on Clean Mama in 2009.

Fast forward 15+ years and I have streamlined and simplified what I clean with – more is not better (who knew?) and I have figured out the best, safest way to clean our whole house. I love sharing my favorites with you, helping you clean for pennies and with confidence that what you are using is cleaning, killing germs when necessary, and effective.

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Over the next couple months I’ll be sharing more DIY recipes and simple swaps you can make here on the blog as well as on Instagram – follow along here. I’ll also be sharing some cost comparisons too – I’m really excited to share this with you!

Glass Spray Bottle / DIY Cleaning Recipe Labels

You can make your own household cleaners to clean your whole house – but I also know that not everyone wants to DIY cleaning products. Over the past 7 years I’ve developed (with the help of amazing US-based manufacturers) a complete line of cleaning and laundry products. Every single one of them have multiple uses, are concentrated, eco-friendly, and most importantly, include safe and fully disclosed ingredients.

If you’re looking to start swapping products, I always recommend starting in the laundry room. The artificial fragrances in conventional laundry products are concerning – your body absorbs those fragrances and chemicals. Start with the laundry products and see how it changes you!

 Laundry Super Powder / Laundry Detergent Spray – pre-treater + detergent / Wool Dryer Balls – one set lasts YEARS / Oxygen Whitener

I think the secret to finding alternatives to conventional cleaning products is finding a product or DIY recipe that works just as well (most often better) and making a simple swap. These simple, safe, and natural cleaning recipes + laundry swaps are some of my favorite alternatives to traditional and often harmful products.

Foaming Hand Soap / Foaming Dish Soap / Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate / Multi-Purpose Cleaning & Freshening Powder

Ready to find safe and affordable product swaps that work?  I hope you’ll follow along – it’s going to be fun!