I love comforters and duvets. They are luxurious, help to make bed-making a breeze, and just give that extra level of comfort to sleeping. Not everyone loves them – maybe you prefer quilts or blankets, but if you do you have a duvet or a comforter or two in your home, you might want to know how to wash it at home. The best part? It’s so easy to do at home. Keep reading for the simple step-by-step directions.

Comforter or Duvet?

A comforter or duvet can be made from down or synthetic fibers. Typically a comforter is sold with a solid color cover or a decorative print and not designed to be used with a cover. Whereas a duvet is an insert that is placed inside a duvet cover, much like a pillow with a pillow cover. My preference is a duvet with a duvet cover – I wash the duvet cover with sheets – either one is a great option for your bed. (This is where my duvet is from – I have the all-season and absolutely LOVE it!)

Freshen up First

There have been a couple situations where we definitely needed to launder our duvets but for the most part if you have a cover on it, you can easily freshen up your duvet before you need to all-out wash it. If you need to freshen up your duvet or comforter, simply put it in the dryer on low heat with three wool dryer balls or three clean tennis balls. I will stop it every 10 minutes or so to redistribute the duvet or comforter and then repeat for a total of 30-40 minutes. This fluffs up the duvet or comforter and redistributes the filling for a freshened up bed. If you are wanting to kill germs but not wash it, put the dryer on high heat and keep an eye on it, rotating every 5-10 minutes and dry for 30 minutes.

Follow the Directions

Most bedding has care direction labels on them – always check those labels before putting them in the washing machine or dryer. There have been times when I have disregarded the directions because it was more expensive to have something professionally laundered then it was to replace it. I took the ‘chance’ and laundered it myself and saved the duvet for the cost of the water and detergent. Of course, launder at your own risk 🙂

How to Wash a Comforter or Duvet

Remove the duvet cover if you use one. You will want to use a gentle detergent and set your washer on delicate or gentle, with a cold water cycle as well as its largest capacity. A front load washer with a large capacity is the best machine to wash a comforter or duvet in. If you have to cram your comforter in and it’s a super tight fit, you might want to take it to the laundromat. After your washer has completed it’s cycle, run it through the rinse cycle again. This is to make sure that all the detergent is removed from the duvet or comforter. I will typically run the spin cycle an extra time as well to remove any excess water and help the comforter or duvet dry a little more quickly.

Dry Thoroughly

Once the duvet is washed and the excess water has been wrung out, you can now place it in the dryer. If your comforter  or duvet is made from synthetic materials, dry on a Low to Medium heat cycle and avoid any high heat. Down and natural materials can’t stand much heat, so set your dryer on Air or Low and allow them to dry thoroughly. If you would like to fluff up your duvet again, put a couple tennis balls in some socks and toss them in to agitate and return the fibers to their natural state. Stop the dryer every 30 minutes or so to rotate the pillows around to make sure that they dry thoroughly and evenly.

With a little extra attention, your duvet and comforter can feel like new again. So go ahead – freshen them up or wash and dry them and look forward to a good night’s sleep.