Last week we tackled some clothing decluttering and touched on cleaning routines. Were you able to do a little clothing decluttering? Why is it that bags of stuff that get to leave the house is so gratifying and freeing?
This week’s assignment? In keeping with my simple and  low-key process of spring cleaning this month, the assignment is to work on drawers and cupboards. You decide – one drawer and/or cabinet or every single one in your home. What am I working on this week? I need to give some special attention to the drawers and cupboards in the master bathroom.

Here’s some toiletry organization inspiration from Martha…..

To clean out any drawer or cabinet, follow these simple steps:
empty drawer or cabinet
wipe clean
use dividers, baskets, bins (if necessary)
separate items into 3 piles – keep, toss, donate
put “keep” items back, paying special attention to group like items together for easier access
I’ll be back with a Clean Sweep update, some more cleaning routine chit-chat later this week and a one-year celebration of a little Etsy shop.
What drawers and cupboards do you need to declutter this week?