Ready for another week of cleaning and organizing? If you’re new here, here’s a link to the printable schedule for the month, a kitchen deep cleaning printable, a bathroom deep cleaning printable, and a printable cleaning/organizing subway art for inspiration.
Here’s a snapshot of week 3 – it’s the same every week, so hopefully you’ll start to establish a routine and your home will start to be easier to clean once you get a couple of weeks under your belt.
If you have a little extra time this week, you might want to tackle deep cleaning your main living area(s) – family room, living room, den – any area that your family ends up using a lot.
I’m going to work on our family room today and the living room later in the week. Here’s a link to the freebie printable for the main living areas deep cleaning checklist. (If you are interested, the deep cleaning checklists that I’m providing all coordinate with the Cleaning Kit in my shop.)
Wednesday I’ll be sharing HOW I use a homekeeping binder to keep me sane and then Friday will be my Pinterest organizing project. My Pinterest organizing project for the week? Finish up the photo wall and make cleaning containers for each bathroom cupboard. Now get to your routine-ing! Happy Cleaning and Organizing!