So far in this challenge, we’ve tackled clothing decluttering, drawer and cabinet cleaning/decluttering and touched on cleaning routines.

This week’s assignment? In keeping with my simple and low-key process of spring cleaning this month, the assignment is to choose 3 things that you’ve been avoiding cleaning, and clean them. You decide – it could be that you need to take a closet apart and really clean it and get rid of a lot, or maybe you just need to do a thorough dusting. Pick 3 things to clean and clean them!

I’ll go first with my 3 things:
1. take vents off of my oven and wash them
2. unscrew upper vents and wash in soapy water
3. take down light fixtures with flies in them and wash in soapy water.

Simple right? Leave your 3 things in the comments section – I’ll be updating my progress through the week – feel free to do the same!