It’s Week 4 and if you are still with me, you will hopefully be seeing some improvement and definitely a neater and tidier home. Yay, right?

If you’re new here, here’s a link to the printable schedule for the month, a kitchen deep cleaning printable, a bathroom deep cleaning printable, a main living area(s) deep cleaning printable and a printable cleaning/organizing subway art for inspiration.

Here’s my cleaning routine for this week and early next week – it sounds like this is working well for you. If it isn’t working, use it as a launch pad for what works (keep that) and what doesn’t work (change that).

My Pinterest project of the week is going to be some kids’ craft storage organization, so I’ll share that with you on Friday.

This week’s deep cleaning is going to be bedroom(s). If you only have time for one, I’d suggest the master bedroom. Here’s a link to the freebie printable to use while you clean. (The freebie deep cleaning checklists coordinate with The Cleaning Kit (which is ON SALE this week, just for you!)
Initially, I intended January to be a jumpstart for you to get into a cleaning routine, but I wasn’t sure if I should continue it past January. I’ve had so many requests to continue, I’m going to do something similar – I’ll have a printable for February’s cleaning routine for you, but I’m going to add something a little simpler than the deep cleaning schedules. Come back through the week and then I’ll announce the details for February on Monday, January 30th. Sound like fun?