We’ve done some decluttering, some cleaning, a little organizing and this week we’re going to continue the cleaning and add a little spring decorating. This week’s challenge is to choose one (or more) traditional spring cleaning tasks and find a spot in your home where you can add a touch of spring with some decorating.
Here are some spring cleaning ideas – think about your schedule, the time you have to devote and what really needs to be done…..
  • wash windows
  • wash window sills and sashes
  • deep clean dust
  • vacuum corners
  • shampoo carpets
  • dustand/or wash light fixtures/fans
  • paper pile(s)
Once you have accomplished at least one – or to inspire you to accomplish one of these tasks, find a spot in your home that could benefit from a little spring decorating (use what you have) – need some ideas?
  • mantel
  • window sill
  • bedside table
  • bathroom counter
  • kitchen counter
  • side table
  • coffee table
I’m working on washing windows – hopefully getting to some of the outside windows (weather permitting). Later this week I’ll be sharing my spring window sill and minimalist spring mantel.
What are you going to work on this week?

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