January 31, 2017

Week 5 – Simply Clean Declutter Challenge

It’s the END of the Simply Clean Declutter Challenge – did you complete it or part of it? I completed the challenge right along with you and it feels so great to get some decluttering done. I designed this challenge to be completed anytime – you can still grab the checklist and  join in on the decluttering fun – go through the list with a task a day or do a couple mini-sessions.

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Here’s what we’ve already decluttered:

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5

Here’s the end of the challenge:


DAY 29 – Bags + Purses: Declutter your bags and purses. This might be going through your bags and purses and getting rid of what you no longer love and use OR it might be to declutter your purse – emptying it out and getting rid of everything that doesn’t need to be in there. I only have one purse – it’s a great one and I use it year-round. Make this task work for you and your purse and bag situation.

DAY 30 – Declutter Toys: Today’s task is to declutter toys. If you don’t have kids, declutter another area or a craft or hobby area. Work quickly (enlist the help of your child(ren) and do some quick decluttering. Donate anything that can be donated and toss anything that’s broken.

DAY 31 – Quick Sweep Through the House: Do a quick whole house declutter. Make a quick sweep and pick up and put away any clutter or complete any uncompleted tasks. HOORAY!

The Simply Clean Decluttering Challenge is intended as a way to encourage daily decluttering and slow and steady progress. You’ll get what you put into it – I promise that even if you just do a little decluttering, you’ll be closer to having a decluttered home than you were before you started. Keep going and enjoy the process!

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