July 15, 2021

Welcome to Your Clean Home – August Homekeeping Society

You don’t have to choose between a busy life and a clean home. Join us in Homekeeping Society to get the clean home you’ve always dreamed of — and keep it that way.

Homekeeping Society is right for you if you want to:

  • Enjoy a fresh & tidy home you love without spending endless hours cleaning.
  • Spend your weekends doing what YOU want to do, rather than playing catchup on the house.
  • Keep your home clean even when you’re super busy and tired!
  • Spend less time cleaning and maintain a clean home — that STAYS clean.
  • End housekeeping overwhelm.

It’s almost August and with the summer months can also come a new routine and scheduling challenges. I’m so excited for us to dive in to August’s Monthly Focus – The Closets.

Trying to keep your home clean in the midst of everything while spending more time at home than ever can add unnecessary stress to an already stressful situation. Your family and responsibilities need your attention. You feel maxed out during the week, so you spend your weekends catching up on cleaning and organizing.

Homekeeping Society is the tool to guide you with what needs to be cleaned and when it needs to be cleaned so you can focus on what’s more important than cleaning.

I’ve also added a brand-new Homekeeping Society Quick Start Guide to the subscription – perfect for getting started with the Clean Mama Routine so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your clean home.


What if someone could tell you what and when to clean during the week, so you never spend your weekends cleaning again? I have a tool that’s going to help you take care of your home in a fresh, new way. It’s called Homekeeping Society and it’s the secret to your clean home.

Homekeeping Society is ALL-NEW for 2021!

Homekeeping Society is an online membership and community created to guide you to a clean home with minutes—not hours—of cleaning every day. 

It’s your secret to getting things done around your home! 

Let’s make this the year that you figured out how to keep your home clean efficiently and effectively and with less time. I’ve simplified how to clean a home, what to clean and when to clean it. It’s a system that really works!

At the beginning of the month, print your planning pages and add them to the Homekeeping Binder, planner, or clipboard. Or, upload the interactive PDF to your phone or device (I use Goodnotes with my iPhone and iPad) —they’re compatible! 

As a member of Homekeeping Society, you receive Monthly Planning Pages for: 

  • To-Do List, Daily, and Weekly Planning Templates
  • Step-by-Step House Cleaning Checklists including the Rotating Tasks and Monthly Focus
  • Helpful Monthly Calendars including an all-in-one pre-filled monthly Homekeeping Calendar
  • Monthly Focus + Quick Tips – every month there’s a different area of the home to focus on so you’re cleaning and organizing your whole home over the course of the year – August’s Monthly Focus is THE CLOSETS!
  • Exclusive DIY Recipes that fit the Monthly Focus
  • Menu Planning Templates for the week and month

Plus, you also receive: 

  • NEW: New Annual members receive all of the 2021 files right away!
  • NEW: Fillable/Printable files – type in and print OR print and fill in
  • Interactive/Digital version is included separately from the PDFs
  • Daily text alerts if you opt-in (US only)
  • Belong to the private Facebook group and have access to 2 monthly coaching sessions with Becky (1st and 3rd Monday of every month!)
  • Exclusive MONTHLY coupons to the Clean Mama Shop

Ready to sign up?

  1. Go here: https://cleanmama.com/homekeeping-society/
  2. Choose the MONTHLY or ANNUAL subscription
  3. Enter your information and you’ll receive a confirmation email and everything you need to get started!


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