I absolutely love helping you feel more confident in your home and spend LESS time cleaning and more time doing what you enjoy doing. While I talk about my cleaning routine all the time, I still I receive many emails a week from you telling me that you’re so far behind that you can’t even get started. A few months ago I polled my private FB group Homekeeping Society about what keeps them from starting a cleaning routine and the resounding responses were:



Do you feel it too? That feeling of not knowing where to even start? That heavy feeling of overwhelm when you walk in your door and see the same mess you’ve been looking at on your counter for the last week? I can tell you from my own research of thousands and thousands of readers and customers that you might be in this same spot too. When I say clean your bathrooms on Monday, you can’t do that because your bathroom counters are too full of stuff to even think about cleaning.

Here are a couple reader emails that address this feeling – can you relate?

Do you have any guidance or wisdom regarding how to address BIG messes? For instance, your daily tasks seem doable, but we’re too big of a mess to even get to those. We have covered surfaces and piles of stuff everywhere, and getting to a place where there’s just one load of laundry to do, or a clear surface to wipe… that seems far away for us. How do we get to that point? – Emily

Honestly when we do get a night off we are so exhausted it is hard to think about doing house work, we just want to enjoy each other and being home. Any suggestions on how to make this all work a little more smoothly? I love the idea of simplicity at home and have been slowly working on decluttering/minimizing our “stuff” but that always seems to get derailed by our crazy schedule too. – Jody

I’ve been working on a course for you (keep reading to be first on the list), for the overwhelm, for the person out there that doesn’t want to feel like this anymore. The course is 8-modules / videos of me sitting down and talking you through each step. You’ll go step-by-step, in order – complete the task with your schedule and then move on to the next task. Included is the most darling guide complete with tasks and checklists designed to remove the overwhelm. The tasks aren’t the typical things I recommend doing in a routine, this is designed to give you a clean slate, a fresh start, your new year. Here’s a peek at the topics:

Jumpstart Your Routine is here – click here to check it out.