Yesterday, we brainstormed some ideas for themes of the week for our meal planning. Today, I’m going to talk to your about how I go about meal planning. Here are the things that I consider when meal planning:
  • plan leftovers – that way you’ll have them, you’ll save time in the kitchen, and it’s a money saver
  • take schedule into consideration – Wednesday night is church night, so we keep meals simple and quick
  • what’s in the freezer – some weeks I pull a meal from the freezer one night and the next night is leftovers of that meal – talk about a vacation! Prep ahead, prep ahead, prep ahead! Having a couple steps already taken care of is a huge timesaver.
  • what’s on sale/coupons – if there’s a sale on chicken, I will probably try to work that into the meal plan for the week
  • the #1 goal is that there’s food on the table and we eat together – it doesn’t have to be perfect – grilled cheese and a can of soup works 
Write down the days of the week for two weeks and  fill in your ideas for menu themes and meal planning – here’s what my list looks like (notice we do leftovers 2-3 times during the week):

Next week we’ll be plugging it all into a calendar (freebie printable). 
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