I love cooking and even in the age of Pinterest and everything going digital, I still love (and collect) cookbooks.  I have a pretty extensive collection of cookbooks but I went through them this summer and got rid of anything that didn’t fit our cooking and eating style any longer.

We have a bookcase around the refrigerator (which I love) and two built-ins in our island.  In one of the built-ins I keep the cookbooks I’m currently using for menu planning.  I thought you might like to see what’s on my cookbook stack and get some ideas for menu planning at the same time.  I have links to the cookbooks below the post.

Here’s what’s on my cooking from cookbook stack right now:

Here’s what I do…

On Fridays (catch-all day) I take a couple minutes to plan out the menu for the next week. Once I have my plan in place, I do a quick wipe down of the refrigerator (while it’s empty) and head to the grocery store to fill it up.  I typically shop for the weekend and into the next week.  Monday or Tuesday I usually go back for fresh produce and any odds and ends I need to pick up.  I’m using my menu planner from my shop – you can see all my planners here.