May 22, 2019

What’s On My Summer Book Stack

It’s been awhile since I shared my book stack so I thought that it would be fun to share what I’m reading now and will be reading this summer. My reading habits are sporadic and I am always working at being more intentional with reading. Right now I have a couple books going at the same time, typically a non-fiction book and a fiction book. I keep a fiction book in my purse for those fleeting minutes that I’m waiting for the kids or waiting at an appointment. It keeps me from grabbing my phone and gives me just that little boost of refreshment that only a good book can give. I read the non-fiction books when I have a solid 20-30 minutes that I can really concentrate and take notes if needed.

Here’s what’s on my book stack:

The Endless Beach – I’m a huge Jenny Colgan fan and am halfway through this book – it’s delightful!
The Royal Runaway – This one was recommended to me at a bookstore that I did some book signings at, excited to start it.
Waiting for Tom Hanks (releases June 11) – Great reviews prior to its release is what got me to pre-order this one.
The Bookshop on the Shore (releases June 25) – I can’t resist a Jenny Colgan, I pre-ordered this in February.

Save Me the Plums – I love Ruth Reichl’s voice and writing style; I’m excited to read this memoir about her time at Gourmet Magazine.
French Women for all Seasons – Books that talk about the seasons and rhythms of how we do things are hard for me to resist. I’m excited to peruse this one.
Point of View – I always love a good backstory, Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s conversational style makes this book  an easy read, I’m a couple chapters in and am enjoying it.

The Next Right Thing – Emily P. Freeman’s podcast is one of my favorites – I had to grab her new book by the same name.
do less – I heard Kate Northrup on a couple podcasts and her method for work intrigued me – had to grab the book.
Digital Minimalism – I bought this book a few months ago with the plan of going through it in the summer. I’ve read through some of it and it definitely makes me see technology in a new light.

What’s on your book stack this summer? Do you read more in the summer? I love the slower days and pace and find that reading is just the perfect way to fill in the spaces.



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