I’ve created systems to help you (and me) keep up with the Clean Mama Routine with ease. The Clean Mama Routine is the key to keeping your home guest ready! You’ll leave the overwhelm behind and start to feel more peaceful every time you walk in your home.One of the most asked questions is – what’s the difference between the Homekeeping Planner, the new Quarterly Daily Planners, and Homekeeping Society. For some it might be easy to determine what system will work best for you because you prefer a planner over a pdf, but if you’re not sure, this post is intended to help you decide what system will help you create the home you’ve always dreamed of. My goal with this post is to alleviate any overwhelm with trying to figure out what will work for you!

The Homekeeping Planner and the Quarterly Daily Planners are available now!

If you’re new here, and not familiar with the Clean Mama Routine, the Start Here page has an introduction to the cleaning routine including the 5 Daily Tasks, the Weekly Tasks, Rotating Tasks, and the Monthly Focus. All of these options include the Clean Mama Routine, they’re simply presented in a different way. Alternatively, I also share some printables with the Clean Mama Routine in the shop as well.

The Homekeeping Planner is a system designed to simplify your daily life so you only need ONE planner. There’s plenty of space for all of your to-do’s, menu plan, goals, and homekeeping tasks.

A brand-new daily page format is the Quarterly Daily Planner! A seasonal approach to cleaning with a daily planner mindset. Different and refreshingly holistic. This format is easy to toss in a bag or a purse and you can purchase a quarter at a time or the whole year for a discount.

The Daily Quarterly Planners are easy to take along with you to keep your day organized on one page. Best of all, the pages are undated! Schedule the days you want and skip the rest. Check out the Quarterly Daily Planner here.

If you need accountability and tools to keep your home clean, Homekeeping Society is for you! We go in-depth into the cleaning routine so you’ll know exactly what to do and when to do it!

The Clean Mama Routine works when you’re busy. It works when you’re tired. It just works! And with the added boost of accountability with the Homekeeping Society, you’ll stay on track and finally get (and keep) the clean home you’ve always wanted. Check out Homekeeping Society here.

The Homekeeping Planner®, the Quarterly Daily Planner, and Homekeeping Society® are tools that Clean Mama has created to make implement the Clean Mama Routine in a simple and cute way. They are designed to be used separately, but they work together too! Have a question or need clarification? Ask away in the comment section!