If I was going to complete only one spring cleaning task it would be to wash baseboards. Clean baseboards make a room look fresh and clean and can even make your paint look better. As with anything, there are many different ways to complete a task. Choosing a method that works for you and uses products you already have and like is key. Vacuuming the edges first will make the process easier and give you better results.

I’ve tried numerous methods to clean my baseboards and have found that the best method is using a little borax and warm water or just plain old dish soap (just a little squirt) and warm water. I like to use a microfiber cloth that’s wrung almost dry or a skoy cloth using the same method. Keep a dry microfiber on hand to catch drips and get to work.

Work from left to right around your rooms, making sure to rinse your rag or sponge often and change your water when it gets dingy. (I like to combine the door frame with baseboard cleaning, but you can save it for when you wash doors too.)

So what do you say? Ready to clean those baseboards?

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