February 8, 2013

6 Ways to Clean and Polish a Kitchen Sink

It’s Kitchen Month – let’s talk about the kitchen sink today, shall we? Keeping a clean and shiny sink is an easy routine to start. It takes a couple minutes after supper dishes are in the dishwasher and makes the kitchen easy on the eyes in the morning. Coming up with a method that works for you that you’ll carry out is the important step. For me, sanitizing the sink after dealing with raw meat and poultry is done on an as-needed basis, but the act of cleaning a sink is just a simple way of getting the sink ready for the next day or next meal.

I’ve tried lots of methods, but these are my six favorite methods:

dish soap and scrub brush – this is my nightly method after all the dishes are in the dishwasher

dish soap, baking soda, scrub brush – need a little abrasive cleaner? add a sprinkle of baking soda

Mrs. Jones Soapbox Scrub  and scrub brush – antibacterial qualities and scrubs like crazy (smells like almonds)

Mrs. Meyers Surface Scrub and scrub brush – powder scrubs up nicely and smells great

Bon Ami and scrub brush – no scent, 2 ingredients, works great on porcelain sinks and stains (this is a once-in-awhile cleaner for me)

Bar Keeper’s Friend and scrub brush –  I use this to clean my sink when the faucet needs a good polish too

You’ll notice that I use a scrub brush for all of these methods – alternately, you can use a sponge or rag, a scrub brush is just my preferred method.

See? There’s more than one way to clean and polish a sink! What’s your method?

Next week? Menu Planning!

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