Speed Cleaning to the Rescue - tips and tricks for bathrooms, kitchens, and home - Clean Mama

If your days are anything like mine, having a couple of speed cleaning routines in your back pocket can be just the ticket for those days where time is minimal. In an effort to help streamline the “hot spots” where a quicker cleaning method is vital, I designed a kitchen, bathroom and whole house speed cleaning routine. These are perfect for those times where unexpected guests are on their way, when you are tired of spending time cleaning in the evening after the house settles down or for when you need to do a surface clean in order to maintain your sanity. All you need is between 15-30 minutes of time for each of these three routines to get the job done.

Kitchen Speed Cleaning Routine:

This is my nightly kitchen cleaning routine and my go-to method when I need to get the kitchen cleaned in as little time as possible. This isn’t for those times where you need to deep clean, but perfect for after mealtime or the end of the day. Be sure to grab the free printable too!

Bathroom Speed Cleaning Routine:

If you follow my daily cleaning routine, you’ll be familiar with Monday’s task: bathroom cleaning. This is one of my favorite routines for one of my least favorite things to clean. I think you’ll be as pleased as I when you can clean all your bathrooms in about 15 minutes. We have four bathrooms in our home and I can attest to this being the best way to get them all cleaned in literally no time flat.

Whole House Speed Cleaning:

This routine is perfect for when you have unexpected guests on their way, need a quick clean of your home or feel like you need a quick start to in your cleaning schedule. Sometimes we need to feel Iike we accomplished something at the end of a crazy day and that is where this quick clean shines. Don’t forget to use the free printable too!

Try one or all of these methods and let me know how they work for you!