Cleaning Concentrates - Why You Should Be Using Them!  Clean Mama

Truth be told I use an all-purpose cleaner most of the time when I’m cleaning. I like the simplicity of having one great cleaner to clean just about everything. Today I’d like to share my favorite cleaning concentrates with you. I’ll tell you why I like them and show you where you can find them for yourself if you’re interested.

First of all, what’s the big deal about cleaning concentrates? Why should you be using them?

  • You get to mix up exactly how much cleaner you need. Gallon or spray bottle, just add water and you’re ready to start cleaning.
  • Cleaning concentrates are cheaper in the long run and you’ll be running to the store a lot less.
  • Less waste in packaging and shipping.
  • Need a little extra cleaning power? No problem just add a little more of the concentrate.

What can you clean with a cleaning concentrate? Just about everything – check the label on your concentrate, but if you can clean it, you can probably use a cleaning concentrate.

  • countertops
  • floors
  • windows
  • doors
  • trim
  • porcelain
  • laminate
  • stainless steel
  • chrome
  • and hundreds more!

I’ve pulled together my seven favorite cleaning concentrates to share with you today. These are my favorites for a variety of reasons, but they are all formulas that I like, have used in my home and can recommend without any reservations. They are all safe to use around people and pets too!

Cleaning Concentrates - 7 great choices - Clean Mama

 1- white vinegar – yes, this is a cleaning concentrate. Add water and you’ll see that this simple and old-fashioned cleaner works amazingly well. Here’s a round-up of DIY homemade cleaners I’ve made – you’ll see that most of them include vinegar. Not into the pickle-y scent that vinegar brings? Add a couple drops of essential oils.

2- Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox – Soapy   All-Purpose Dilutable cleaner (available in 3 sizes)  I love how this leaves everything squeaky clean.

3 – Branch Basics Non-Toxic Concentrate    Branch Basics is an remarkable cleaner that is intended to clean absolutely everything from pacifiers, carpet stains, laundry, and you can bathe in it! This cleaner is unscented, but works well with a drop or two of essential oils if you need a little scent as you tidy up.

4 – On Guard – This is a great concentrate to disinfect the bathrooms – it smells good (think spices and cloves) and suds up just like  you’d expect a disinfecting cleaner to suds up.

5, 6 – Mrs. Meyer’s All-Purpose Cleaner (rosemary and bluebell are my favorite scents)  Mrs. Meyer’s smells great and works just as well on cleaning just about everything.

7 – Caldrea All-Purpose Cleaner (palmarosa wild mint)   I love this scent and the way it works on all surfaces and mixes up easily is amazing. It’s safe to use on granite and marble too!

Do you use a cleaning concentrate? Have a favorite to share?