Today’s post is a quick one because I’m guessing you’re as busy (or busier than I am) and have just a snippet of time to read blogs today. Have 30 minutes before you have to run to the carpool line at school and the whole house is still a mess? Try using this quick clean ups checklist – find your available time on the printable (15, 30, or 60 minutes), set your timer, and work your way down the list until your time is up. You’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish! Who knows? You might even be able to add a few items on the blank lines to complete. I like to go through this checklist if I have an unexpected guest dropping by or am just behind on my cleaning for the week.

Quick Clean Ups - Clean Mama

Want to try this today?  Go here to grab your FREE Quick Clean Checklist!

how to make a cleaning binder280x80

This would be great in a cleaning binder – check out my tutorial here.

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