This is all you need to clean your stainless steel appliances via Clean Mama

I have a quick cleaning tip/newsflash for you today. It’s revolutionary in my little cleaning world. If you’ve been reading here longer than a couple months you know that I cannot stand the smell of vinegar. But… is amazing to clean with – notice the 1 gallon jug! So I have been figuring out the absolute best ways to use it and what do you know – it’s a miracle worker on stainless steel. I’ve tried so many different stainless steel cleaners and combinations of stainless steel cleaners but this one is amazing. And it turns out, the reason vinegar hasn’t worked for me before with my stainless steel is that I had the APPLICATION all wrong. So if you’ve tried it before and been bummed that it didn’t work, try it again.

Check this out:

Vinegar + Microfiber = Stainless Steel Magic via Clean Mama

Let me know what you think and if this works for you. And in case you’re wondering….the pickle-y smell lasts all of 30 seconds and there’s NO NEED to rinse. Vinegar + microfiber = stainless steel magic!