February 2, 2023

Simple Spice Cabinet Organization

If you cook, bake, or both, a spice cabinet or drawer is a necessity. Simple spice cabinet or drawer organization is not only helpful, it’s more enjoyable to cook and bake when you can easily find your herbs and spices. I gave my spice cabinet a little reorganization and thought you might like to see what I did.

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Clean Mama’s Guide to Kitchens

I was noticing that our spice cabinet was feeling crowded and not as workable as I needed it to be. I did a little measuring to see if I could find slightly larger turntables and tiered organizers to make this space work better. Here’s the before:

Once I found tiered organizers and turntables I took everything out, cleaned the shelves and realized that I needed to move the first shelf up to accommodate the tiered organizers.

As you can see, I’m a big fan of The Spice House – I love that I don’t have to decant any spices and the spices look pretty on the shelf.

Then I split everything up into categories:

  • savory
  • sweet
  • blends

Take a couple of minutes to take inventory of what you have and what you need.

Follow these steps:

  • Quick declutter
  • Wipe down area
  • Sort by type of spice
  • Arrange in a way that makes sense for how you use spices
  • Assess and make any needed adjustments

I put the spices back in categories – I love how everything fits on the these shelves – it makes it easier to see everything.

I use the turntables for baking items – baking soda, baking powder, corn starch, muffin cups, toothpicks on the left turntable and baking spices on the right.

Here’s a close-up of the glass jars for those baking supplies. I’ve used lots of different types of jars over the years and have landed on these Le Parfait jars – I love the short, squat shape of them for baking goods. I used the Acacia turntables and risers from Neat Method – you can find them here.

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