This week isn’t necessarily one for decluttering, but next week you might all of a sudden have an urge to get rid of some stuff. This post is for you! Stop complaining about what you can’t get done because you’re so busy and focus on what you CAN get done. Today I am sharing SIX quick and easy decluttering projects with you – simple little projects you can accomplish in less than ten minutes.

Getting rid of all your clutter and extras isn’t necessarily possible or even recommended for most households, but taking a couple minutes every day to do some decluttering is something that I wholeheartedly recommend. It’s even on my homekeeping calendar for every. single. day.

Declutter a kitchen cupboard or drawer

Empty a troublesome cupboard, sort and sift through the contents and group like items with like items and toss or donate items that are broken, duplicates, or no longer used.

Clear out a toy storage area

If your children have baskets or bins or drawers, take a couple minutes to empty ONE spot, group like items together, store, donate or toss any no longer used, outgrown or broken items. No kids? Declutter a hobby area of yours 🙂

Sort through a paper pile

Grab that paper pile and do a quick sort – group in keep/file, toss, and shred piles. Then put those papers where they belong.

Tackle one area of food storage

This is a great project at this time of the year – you can declutter your whole refrigerator, a shelf in your pantry or all your canned goods or just your condiments (here’s a link to how I re-did our pantry).

Declutter ONE TYPE of clothing – sweaters, short sleeved shirts, jeans, etc.

I find that remaining in one type of clothing helps to keep me focused on the task at hand. Obviously you can move on to more than one type but if you’re trying to keep this to a quick and easy session, one or two types of clothing is perfect.

Clear and clean a bathroom cupboard or counter

Put those items back where they belong from your counter or clear out a drawer, wipe it out and put your items back where they belong.