March 4, 2013

Spring Cleaning Month – Introduction

It’s Spring Cleaning Month here on Clean Mama! A month devoted to cleaning tips, schedules, ideas, and methods to make your spring (or deep) cleaning a little easier. This is the third year  I’ve done a ‘spring cleaning month’ on the blog and if I’ve learned anything it’s that not everyone wants or has time to clean all month long. I truly enjoy cleaning and could easily putter my way through a list for the next month or two and be fine with it. You might fizzle out after a week or even a day. Our crazy busy schedules make it difficult to squeeze some cleaning into normal life, but I am determined to help you come up with a way that will finally work for you!

If you want me to tell you what to clean and when to clean it you will absolutely love what my newest guide – Cleaning Around the Seasons: Deep Cleaning On Your Schedule will give you. It’s very step-by-step and has a choose-your-own-adventure style that will help you get your house in shape in a hurry. There’s no need to purchase the ebook/guide to participate in Spring Cleaning Month, but it will make your cleaning experience a little more fun. (ebook/guide coming very, very soon – watch Facebook for the release!)

Ready to get started? This week we’ll be starting with a little de-cluttering. What?! Not cleaning? In my opinion, de-cluttering is the first step to any successful cleaning project. ‘De-clutter’ is a daily task for me because it’s something that I need to have on a list as a little reminder. (I have FREE weekly cleaning lists every month on the blog, if you haven’t snagged one for March, go here!)   I love a clean house and clean to me also equals clear surfaces. Visually, a clear counter looks cleaner than a counter with a stack of bills.

Let’s get started this week with my simple system for de-cluttering – start with your all flat surfaces (desks, counters, tables….)  and clear them into 4 piles:

  • keep
  • toss/recycle
  • donate
  • sell

Now let’s get to work!