March is spring cleaning month – a month to get our homes clean, tidy and ready for the next season. If you’ve been following along, we talked last week about de-cluttering. Have you started the de-cluttering process? I know it’s hard to start there, but it’s so beneficial to the spring cleaning process and really it’s a huge timesaver in the long run. My favorite part of de-cluttering? The rearranging that happens. I come up with new, fresh ways to put together little arrangements, shelves, and areas in our home and that’s the fun part for me. So before we launch into the big spring cleaning session, I thought it might be fun to show a couple hot spost  I de-cluttered this past week.

We have a great built-in bookcase around the refrigerator, but it gets dusty fast with the refrigerator by it. So I took all the cookbooks out, got rid of a couple that I haven’t used in the last year, moved my recipe binders into a cupboard and cleaned and dusted the bookcase and refrigerator and came up with a new arrangement in the middle of the bookcase. It’s was just the de-cluttering project to get my spring cleaning started because it combined a little cleaning and de-cluttering.

and yes, that’s a headband acting as a makeshift baby latch on the lower cupboard

I also did some major de-cluttering in my office this weekend. Lots of shredding, sorting, and tossing. But it looks great and after 4 years it’s finally a room that I love!

Here’s a hint of what helped put get me in gear to get the office de-cluttered. And you’ll have a chance to win one next week too!

So let’s finish up the de-cluttering so we can get on to some spring cleaning! What hidden benefit have you found to de-cluttering?

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