The Clean Mama Routine is simple to learn and even easier to bring into your home. There are 4 parts to the Routine – each part can be completed by itself but it works best when it all works together. As you get started, think of it as a three-step process, this will help you with any overwhelm because it’s a complete transformation of your home that happens over time.

Clean Mama’s Three-Step Process:

1. Establish a Routine:

Before diving into deep cleaning, establish a Daily and Weekly Routine. Start with small tasks like making the bed every day, wiping down counters every night, or doing a load of laundry daily – also known as the Daily Tasks. Then add in the Weekly Tasks – there’s only one a day and they’re super simple to implement. Once the Daily and Weekly Tasks are working, then you’re ready for those deep cleaning (Rotating Tasks) and organizing (Monthly Focus).

2. Integrate Simple Solutions:

Once you see the Routine working in your life and home it’s time to integrate simple solutions to clean your home. Whether you make your own DIY cleaners or choose from Clean Mama’s curated cleaning products and methods, your home is in for a treat. Make a signature cleaning spray, use the right cleaning cloths, or choose a recommended vacuum cleaner. These tools make the process efficient and enjoyable.

3. Stay Consistent and Adjust as Needed:

As you find success and the inevitable setbacks, it’s important to stick to the routine, but don’t be afraid to adjust based on what works best for you. It’s all about consistent effort, not perfection. If one week doesn’t go as planned, simply reset and start fresh the next week.

With this three-step plan, can you see a clear path from a cluttered, stressful home to a clean, peaceful environment?  I hope you join us!

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