What's the Best Way to Clean Granite and Marble via Clean Mama

This is one of the top questions I receive from readers and today I’d like to share a couple brands that I’ve tried out with success. They all have similar results and clean well. Ultimately, it comes down to your price range, what scent you like, and what you can easily grab at the store you like to shop at or order from online. (I have tested other cleaners but these are my favorites.)

So what do I look for from a cleaner when cleaning my counter tops?

  • no residue or film left behind
  • cleans on the first wipe – no need for re-wiping
  • pleasant or no scent
  • food-safe ingredients

Here’s my side-by-side set up of the cleaners – I tested them using the same cotton cleaning cloth and next to each other on my island:

 Testing Granite Cleaners via Clean Mama

And the results – streak-free and lovely:

Results of Granite Cleaners via Clean Mama

So is there a winner? Honestly I love all of them, my favorite scent and spray is the Better Life brand’s cleaner, but they all work amazingly well!

Here are links to all of the cleaners:

Better Life Take It For Granite

Caldrea Countertop Spray

Method Daily Granite

Want to know how I clean counters nightly? I keep this cute little vintage stoneware container and sponge on my counter by the soap and dish soap. I give the counters a swipe with the soapy solution and wipe clean with a dishcloth.

Go-To Granite Cleaner - Dishsoap and Warm Water via Clean Mama

I’ll be back tomorrow with a version of my DIY Granite Countertop  Spray Cleaner recipe from my book for you to try!