April 2, 2013

10 Musts for Spring Cleaning – The Best Way to Wash Windows

The weather may not be cooperating with you for washing windows,  but be ready for it with a window washing plan. There are many different methods for washing your windows, but this is the easiest/quickest/most effective way I’ve found to clean windows – inside and out.

  Grab your cleaning bucket and let’s get started!

I have had the most success with this simple window cleaning solution (I use these dishwasher packs and it works just fine to open them and scoop out a teaspoon for the solution):

First of all I lay out all my supplies on a bath towel underneath the windows where I’m going to start.

The simple process?

I’ve also found that a couple other tools help in the process of easy window washing:

Want to purchase these tools? They’re mostly Casabella brand – you can find them at Williams-Sonoma and I’ve found some separately at my local grocery store or online at Amazon.

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