Making your own cleaners can be fun and economical. This series is all about must-have ingredients, recipes {free printable}labels {free printable}, and how to make homemade cleaners. The carpet freshener recipe that I’m sharing with you today is my favorite homemade cleaning recipe because it’s so easy and because it has a few uses besides carpet freshening.

Carpet Freshener

  • 2 cups baking soda
  • 10-20 drops essential oil
  • container with a shaker top

Mix, put in container with a shaker top. Sprinkle on carpet and let sit for 15 minutes to absorb odors and vacuum up.

Add baking soda to your container and add the essential oils.

Use a table knife to stir in the essential oils to the baking soda

Use cardstock and a whole punch to make your own shaker top

Add a label and you have your own carpet freshener! I store this concoction under the kitchen sink – it neutralizes kitchen odors and is conveniently ready for another use  that I’ll be back tomorrow to share!

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